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The phrase “THE PLAY OF BRILLIANTS” was made famous by the pioneer of architectural lighting design Richard Kelly. This poetic expression is used to describe the magic of light when it adds sparkle and vivacity to a space. It is the fantastical element of light, the part that enchants, excites and charms us – a sky full of stars, a glittering diamond and mirror chandelier or sunlight dancing on the floor. This dynamism that light brings us creates life and atmosphere within our world.

We recently visited Paris and had the chance to see the exhibition “LUMIÈRES – THE PLAY OF BRILLIANTS“. Organised by Éléphant Paname – a Centre for Art and Dance in Paris.
The exhibition offers visitors an opportunity to play and to experience the brilliance of light as demonstrated by a selection of fantastical pieces.

Managed by Temeloy advance lighting design and curated by Light Collective with Concord Lighting as the official partner, the layout of the exhibition was specially designed for Éléphant Paname: a real, history-rich architectural space, which adds another dimension to the works shown. Each installation finds its place in this layout, according to its relationship with the space where it is placed and the other works around it.

This eclectic mix of works in light, distributed over three floors, shows the specificities of light in a playful manner, while creating an immersive, moving and interactive visitor’s experience.
The artists: Soo Sunny Park, Haberdashery, DGT Architects, Laura Bayliss, Moritz Waldemeyer, Whitevoid, United Visual Artists, GNI Projects, Flynn Talbot and Laurent Fort.

6 March – 31 May 2015
Éléphant Paname Gallery
Paris, France

© All rights reserved – photos by Dorin S. / Dennis Green /

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