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Francesco Vezzola, street fashion blogger & events organiser

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TIMS. AY?: You started on july 2007 your blog, why? What made you start a street fashion blog?
Francesco: Yes 2007…almost 3 years !! I like very much to look at the people around me, watching the outfits, asking me why they are dressed like this… So, after some months surfing on web I decided I can make it too.

TIMS. AY?: What did you had at dinner? (I’m just kidin’, you don’t have to answer this question) I noticed that you ask people about their breakfast, do you have a passion for food? Do you like cooking or is this about something else?
Francesco: Ehehe … Yes if you wanna know the truth I like very much to eat and to cook for my familyy and friends. I think that breakfast it’s very important and I love when I’m in vacation to spend a lot of time during breakfast. But the reason why I ask stuff like this it’s because it’s nice to hear about the common life things. Ok, you are dressed to kill during the picture… but this morning? This morning just geting up from your bed… what did you do ?!

TIMS. AY?: I also noticed that you’re involved in many projects and you promote also a lot of events. Is this a hobby? Or a job? What’s your real job Francesco?
Francesco: What’s my real job? I really dunno! Well, I’m a photographer but I always loved music and the world around it. You can see that a lot of my photos come from festivals, concerts etc… Actually I’m managing the image of a great italian band called LOW FREQUECY CLUB. Beside this, me and a bunch of my friends are SPARTA – an cultural association that tries to earn some money and make the people dance with its events.

TIMS. AY?: Do you have clothes, shoes or accessories for sale? Would you sell something from your closet for a small price?Would you sell your camera for a good price?
Francesco: Yes… maybe I have! I got fat in this last two year and I have a lot of cool stuff that I can’t wear anymore. My camera? No!! I bought it on a good bargain… but for now I can’t change it.

TIMS. AY?: What street fashion blog do you like the most?
Francesco: I love very much Copenhagen Street Style…. also yours it’s becoming a good one!

TIMS. AY?: Why “Where is the cool?” Why not “Style in Italy”? Or “Street style Italy”?
Francesco: Well, actually I want to change this subtitle. Can I tell to someone else where is the cool? I can say what’s cool for me! Style in Italy…hmm.. good question… in my opinion italian are stylish… but even more stylish are the people who don’t search to be cool at any cost. Street Style in Italy? Eh, I dunno … do you like my work?

TIMS. AY?: Your favourite photographer? Designer? Obssesed with?
Francesco: I haven’t one, I love to discover new things, new artists and so on.

TIMS. AY?: Your favourite town for street fashion shootings?
Francesco: I love to discover new pals every time. Still, one of my favorites is Copenhagen.

TIMS. AY?: The cheapest item from your closet that you love the most? What about the most expensive one?
Francesco: I love my tennis vintage shorts that I bought from a vintage boutique, I think for 15-20 €
at the most. I think a vintage Burberry trench coat, but it was a present.

TIMS. AY?: How many pairs of shoes do you have?
Francesco: I’m obsessed with shoes, I’m in my bedroom now and in a few seconds I counted 14 pairs!

TIMS. AY?: Goodbye or arrivederci? Or maybe do you speak romanian?
Francesco: Arrivederci in Romania I wish ! Ciao! Better than all… isn’t it ?

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